Blacksmith Blades 3 piece Cosmo/Barber Backpack

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Our Blacksmith Blades Cosmetology/Barber Backpack are specially designed for the hairdresser/Barber on the go. This bag was designed to organize and store all your necessary tools in a designated space. Our unique Hairdryer Holster keeps your hair dryer secured to the rear of the bag and off the bottom to maximize storage. The holster encompasses a holster like bottom for the nozzle of the dryer to secure to and room for the cord inside as well. secure it to the back of the bag with our strap and you are good to go. All other compartments are specially designed for any other tools a hairdresser would need on a daily basis! This bag is a kitted bag which will include the matching hot tool heat pouch and Shear holster Belt strap.

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