Customized Shears

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Introducing the 9CR 5.5in Hair Cutting Shear – Fixed Tang: The Ultimate Scissor Solution for Salon Pros.

440-C steel is a very popular choice when it comes to academy kits and is also strong enough for everyday use in salons and barbershops. With the cobalt additives, it’s a little harder steel that holds a sharper edge for a longer period of time. It’s lighter in weight and provides a smoother ride. These shears can be paired with any of the different styles of handles and blades.

Experience a sharper edge that lasts longer with VG-10 Steel, a premium combination of cobalt, gold level 10 stainless steel, and titanium. This top-of-the-line material, commonly used in high-end retail products, delivers a smooth cutting performance. Start your journey now by filling out the form below.

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