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sportclips branded shears by blacksmith blades


LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, United States —Blacksmith Blades, a premier provider of high-quality hair-cutting shears, kits, and accessories, is excited to announce its recent expansion to a nationwide scale, securing its position as a top shear supplier for the renowned SportClips Haircuts chain.

This monumental leap in the company’s operations is a testament to the high-quality shears that Blacksmith Blades provides. Known for crafting high-grade, custom shears for cosmetology schools, professional salons, and barbershops, Blacksmith Blades has now proudly added SportClips to its illustrious client list.

Following a successful run in the local market supplying SportClips shear sets, Blacksmith Blades has been granted an opportunity to extend its services nationally to their entire market including Canada. The company is ecstatic about this development, pledging to stand firm behind their product quality and service delivery. This opportunity embodies the long-term business relationships Blacksmith Blades strives to build and maintain.

Blacksmith Blades CEO, Dustin Nichols, says: “Having been recognized for delivering premium quality shears to independent schools, salons and barbershops, we are thrilled to now welcome SportClips to our distinguished client list. This collaboration further empowers us to extend our reach and offer our finest quality products to professionals across the nation.”

The company is fired up about this new venture, aiming to make the most of it by preparing extensively to meet the increased demand that comes with a national rollout. The goal is to supply premium-quality shears continuously, building a reliable, trustworthy, and long-lasting business relationship with SportClips.

As Blacksmith Blades expresses sheer joy over becoming a top shear supplier for such a reputable chain, the team hopes this accomplishment will inspire further growth in the future. The company looks forward to forming more of these partnerships in its quest to become the nation’s go-to brand for professional-grade hair-cutting shears, shear kits, and other salon accessories.

“Mutual growth and continuous partnerships are what drive Blacksmith Blades,” adds Nichols. “We are fueled by the joy of seeing our products used by professionals all around the world. Our shears are designed to offer excellent performance, durability, and style. We are poised to revolutionize the hairstyling industry.”

Blacksmith Blades is deeply invested in delivering high-quality tools. This new expansion is a step in the right direction towards achieving their mission of improving national hairstyling standards.

For more information on the partnership and Blacksmith Blades’ full range of products, contact Dustin Nichols at (214) 718-8693.

About Blacksmith Blades: Blacksmith Blades is a Texas-based company specializing in crafting customized, high-quality hair-cutting shears, shear kits, and accessories. The company is renowned for its product line, developed to provide the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style to professionals in the hairstyling industry.

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