Quality tools and the role they play in the training process

hair cutting shears


Confidence is key when starting the journey towards any new career, and oftentimes product quality is neglected in areas that are critical to the education of our students. Expecting success from those who started at a disadvantage only highlights the institutions where training began. It is more important now than ever that we give every opportunity to our young students trying to make a way for themselves, and by providing them the right tools, we can instill the confidence needed for them to master their craft.

We have all experienced what low quality shears can do to our confidence behind the chair, but just imagine you starting your training with those same shears only to fold, bend and rip the hair leaving the consumer with a bad experience. Now, you don’t know if this is for you, unsure if you are any good at it. Maybe you think you would be better suited doing something else. Next thing you know, you are selling scissors. Kidding, but in reality, your tools are bringing you down. Your tools should feel like an extension of your hand when in use. Comfortable, yet highly effective and efficient. So in my opinion, you will only be as good as the tools you use.

Let’s take the time and gain the knowledge to find the higher quality tools that gives our students the Competitive Edge they need to build their confidence and overall increase our graduation rates. furthermore find a company that backs their products with warranties and shear education, so that we can train students on how to look at shears, how to take care of their shears, and what to expect from the many different options.

Just a little foresight can set your students up for success in their training, but also will assist in facilitating the transition into an actual salon or barbershop with tools in hand to set up and get started.

If you have questions, or need help with this process of finding the right shears for your students, please reach out to me at Blacksmith Blades

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